Welcome to the Everyone Wiki

Hello everyone! It's me and my friend! and Oh! Join My YouTube Channel!

Rules for this Wiki

No Swearing

  • Do not swear on this wiki. (Only use Hell, damn, piss and crap)
    • 1st Warning: 2 hours
    • 2nd Warning: 1 day
    • 3rd Warning: 3 days
    • 4th Warning: 1 week
    • 5th Warning: Forever

Nothing Related to Sex

  • Do not put anything related to sexual intercourse on this wiki.
    • 1st Warning: Warning
    • 2nd Warning: 2 hours
    • 3rd and over Warning: 1 week

Why Was This Wiki Made?

  • For everyone to join as a community and create fanon/canon forms of media.
Everyone! 2


Wanted Users

Banned Forever

  1. User:Peppermint Princess


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