This is a fake story and I was trying to make it real. OK?

from the tv series (2014)


Once there was a episode of Pokemon - XYZ that was never aired anywhere. It was a direct-to-video episode. The japanese dub was EXTREMELY RARE while the english dub was unfortunately lost. It was made between Party Dancecapades! and Master Class Choices!. One day, I did some research on that episode but I found nothing. But I did look up some photos from the episode. I tried looking up The Lost Media wiki. I found a few photos. Then, I found a video clip from the episode. It was a Japanese Youtuber who posted it on YouTube. However, it was blocked in my country. Then I tried looking the DVD on eBay. I found the dvd that said "Pokemon Preview 01-01-2016". I bought the DVD and a week later, a mailman came to my house. The Mailman was holding nothing and he said "I'm sorry. Your package is will be in a hour." I asked him to come inside and chat. I asked him about VHS and if he had a VHS Collection. He said No and he went back to his bike and drove off. The mailman came back and for this time, he had the package. He gave it to me and I opened it. It was in good condition. I played it on my VHS/DVD combo player. There was no warning screen and logos. It goes straight into the menu. I press play. It starts with Ash and his friends at the beach. I got a feeling that I wanted to listen to Savage Garden on my boombox. I pause the episode and got myself a Savage Garden CD. I played the song called "Truly Madly Deeply" In the episode, Serena was having a Pokemon Showcase on the beach. Ash and his friends were all wearing swimsuits. I fast-forward the performance part. There was no intro and Who's that Pokemon. Instead of Who's that Pokemon, There was Who's that band? The band was Savage Garden. I pause the CD and said "What in the world?" There's was subtitles too. I went into the Serena's performance. The performance starts when Instead of DreamDream, it's Break Me Shake Me by Savage Garden. It went for 3 minutes. At the end, Serena did the splits. I was so shocked by this and rewind and play it again. I pause the splits part to get the right spot. I looked away and search Savage Garden with all my excitement. I swear i didn't saw the Serena doing the splits photo in The Lost Media Wiki. So there you go!