It's a 2017 fan-movie for the whole family! This movie came out on the 1st of July 2017.
PowerJohn25 UTTP Misbehaves at VHS Land

PowerJohn25 UTTP Misbehaves at VHS Land


It's was a boring day for Nick Samon because there was nothing to do. So, he went to sleep. In Nick's Dream, troublemaker PowerJohn25 UTTP was doing his stuff when Nick tells him that they all going to VHS Land for the grand opening. PowerJohn25 UTTP was excited. Nick Samon tells him to pack his bag. As PowerJohn25 UTTP packs his bag, Nick also packs his bag too. Nick tells him what did he bring for VHS Land. After he told him what to bring to VHS Land, they went out and walk to the bus stop.

Meanwhile, Jim and Kate was doing their own stuff when they saw an ad of VHS Land. Kate wanted to go to VHS Land. Jim asked their mum for money. Jim asked to Kate that they are going to VHS Land. Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones from Savage Garden was cleaning the dishes and they saw a ad of VHS Land on the newspaper. And finally Jeff Fatt was watching a YouTube video with Anthony Field but Justin came out of nowhere telling them about the grand opening. The two wiggles doesn't even know what VHS looks like. Justin went nuts and Jeff finally shows The Wiggles - Wiggle Bay 2002 VHS. Justin said "THAT'S THE RIGHT ONE!" After all that racket, Justin gave 4 tickets to VHS Land.

At the Bus, Nick invited WigglesWorld 2000 EDCP, MarjkeChan, MrDankEngine, Jimmygak and WigglesComedian. He also invited Rufus Langerick too. Rufus hates VHS. When Nick saw Rufus, He was dancing like an idiot. Rufus tells him to stop dancing and he didn't want to go to VHS Land. Nick gave him one try and Rufus was forced to go to VHS Land. Nick was happy and he said that he loves him. Rufus went bonkers and tells him to shut up. After that, the bus came. Nick wanted a song. PowerJohn25 UTTP wanted Sorry by Justin Bieber but WigglesWorld 2000 EDCP refused. Rufus wanted Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears. WigglesComedian agreed. Nick wanted Carry on Dancing by Savage Garden and everyone agreed but not PowerJohn25 UTTP and Rufus because they hate Savage Garden. They was forced to listen to that song while the rest danced. After the song, Nick wanted to look up photos. The first photo was Savage Garden. Rufus screams for his life. the second photo was Serena. Rufus said "What the (quack) is this?" the third photo was Thomas the Tank Engine. MrDankEngine thinks he playing a saxophone. Jimmygak tells Nick that they are here.

Anthony kicks out Justin the house and Greg Page tells him what is wrong. Then, Jeff fell alseep and The Awake Wiggles woke them up. Instead of saying Wake Up Jeff, they said in a Pikachu's voice. Jeff tells him why they didn't say "Wake Up Jeff!" And then Jeff saw a Savage Garden Poster. In Murray Cook's shock, Murray hates Savage Garden. He said it was the worst band ever then Hi-5. Greg tells him that they met at the ARIA Music Awards of 1998 when they won Best Children's Album for Toot, Toot!. Murray thinks he said to Darren "There's some cats around and they make a terrible row they went (cat sound)" Greg thinks Murray gave the bird to Darren and he got angry. Greg tells The Other Wiggles to pack their bags. Murray was carrying All four bags and then he drops it. Greg sang a Savage Garden song and Murray went on a fit. Anthony said it was only a song. Jeff said to stop crying or he will give a Savage Garden poster. Murray calmed down. The Wiggles went on their Big Red Car. As they off to VHS Land, A Fake Thomas breaks to fourth wall to don't let their kids watch it. A crew member tells him to get out of the show. Fake Thomas cries away.

The Gang arrived at VHS Land and Nick bought the tickets. Nick and the gang went to the gates and saw Brain Foster. Brian gave Nick a tour of VHS Land's Hotel Club. Nick went one of the rooms and saw Savage Garden. Nick was so happy that he saw Savage Garden. Meanwhile with the Wiggles, Murray was walking slow because he was thinking of Savage Garden and then Jeff fell asleeps again. Anthony woke him up with his Pikachu's voice and made Jeff angry. Jeff tells him that he's unhealthy and needs to start eatting healthy stuff. Anthony tells him he hates fruit salad. He tells Jeff a video of a guy who ate fruit salad and then vomited on his bowl. The thing went Murray vomited and Jeff shaken. Anthony bought the tickets. And Greg bought the hotel tickets. Greg called the VHS Land's Hotel Counter "My Boy" As Jeff and Anthony went to their room, Greg and Murray went to Savage Garden's Hotel Room. Murray was so shocked to see Savage Garden.

Nick tells the gang what they doing tomorrow. While they doing that, PowerJohn25 UTTP was looking up Nick's cringey videos. In the video, Nick was at the beach underwater. Nick tells him to dislike that video. The Wiggles and Savage Garden were planing for tomorrow band. The Bears from Bananas in Pyjamas was planing to do Synchronised swimming. The Pokemon XY Gang was doing their own plan but Clemont shows a video of Garry Lyon on the stretcher. Jim and Kate doing their own stuff at VHS Land. Samuel Best makes a rant of Nick. and Thomas and Percy was doing stuff. Brian tells everyone in the hotel club to come to the stage. Brian tells the history about VHS.

Nick tells the gang to go to bed. He said good night to PowerJohn25 UTTP. Nick dreams of him at JB-HiFi in Real Life. Rufus Langerick was having a nightmare. He had a lot of VHS near him and then he saw Tom. Tom did the kamehameha to Rufus and then he wakes up. Brian comes to Rufus that he broke the rules for bring too noisy at night. As for that, he was fined for only 25 cents.

Marjke tells B1 and B2 to do synchronised swimming. In the pool, They saw Nick, Brian and Savage Garden there. Savage Garden sang Truly Madly Deeply in the pool. (In the 2018 Australian Rerelease, They just do synchroised swimming.)


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This Remake was uploaded on the 5th of April 2018.
PowerJohn25 UTTP Misbehaves at VHS Land (Australian Rerelease 2018)

PowerJohn25 UTTP Misbehaves at VHS Land (Australian Rerelease 2018)

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