Nick Samon

Nick Samon (real life): Hey. Hey Guys! Nick Samon here. Today, I'm going to bed (there's) it's nothing to do. It's only three thirty pm. Oh! three thirty eight sorry. I'm going to bed now. So, I'm going to dream of a land of VHS. So, see you there!

PowerJohn25 UTTP: What Can I do today?

Nick Samon: PowerJohn25 UTTP, We're going somewhere special.

PowerJohn25 UTTP: What is it? Disneyland? Dreamworld? Wet n Wild or even Adventure Park or Funfields?

Nick Samon: Well, It's the Grand Opening... It's VHS Land!

PowerJohn25 UTTP: Wow! What a theme park! I can't wait to go get some VHS tapes! This is going to be awesome!

Nick Samon: of course! I really love VHS so much that I can live with them forever. This is my new favourite theme park for now on. They going to have roller coasters, food and more! They even have a swimming pool too, but that's for VIP members only. I can't wait to go into the pool! And you better behave at VHS Land or else you're grounded. If you don't....

Katy Perry (off-screen): (Say Something) they ask you how you are, and you just have to say that you’re fine, when you’re not really fine, but you just can’t get into it because they would never understand.

PowerJohn25 UTTP: OK I will behave then. Unlike the other trips that I went.

Nick Samon: That's good. We better pack our bags. You got one hour left! OK!

PowerJohn25 UTTP: OK. I'll pack things up to go to VHS Land. I got my bag! Now let's get ready to pack my bag. I'm ready for the trip.

Nick Samon: What do bring, PowerJohn25 UTTP?

PowerJohn25 UTTP: Well Nick Samon, I bought Smith's Chips, Mountain Dew, My MLG Glasses, a Savage Garden CD Single and Money.

Nick Samon: Good! Let's go!

Kate: Hey Jim! What you think you doing?

Jim: I'm just trying like watch TV.

Kate: Oh that's pretty good! Can I watch with you?

Jim: No! Wait! What is this commercial doing there???

Neil Buchanan (on the TV): Hi! I'm Neil Buchanan. Welcome to VHS Land! You see VHS, Rides, Foods, Games and more! Book your trip to VHS Land! Only for five dollars! Yay!

Kate: Oh VHS Land! Can we go there?

Jim: Uhh... No. I don't think-- You go yourself man.

Kate: But I want to go with you!

Jim: I'm not sure mum would let us in but i'm not sure.

Kate: Can we please go there please!

Jim: Alright I'm telling Mum about that! Hey Mum, Can we take the money?

Jim's Mum: Umm.. sure you can take like two hundred bucks.

Jim: Ah thanks! you such the best! Hey we got some good news already. We are going to VHS Land! it's going to be awesome!


Jim: Well let's go then. let's go to the bus anyways.

Kate: YAY!

Daniel Jones: I am going to scare Darren Hayes! Ha Ha Ha Ha! CRAWLING IN MY SKIN!

Darren Hayes: Oh Daniel! You scared me!

Daniel Jones: Yes I did scared you. Today it's the big day! We are going somewhere special.

Darren Hayes: Where are we going?

Daniel Jones: VHS Land.

Darren Hayes: VHS Land? That place sounds fishy to me. Are we going to have a concert there?

Daniel Jones: Yes. We better hurry up. We need to pack our bags. Let's get going there!

Clemont: Where are we going?

Ash: We're going to VHS Land for the grand opening!

Serena: Oh that's cool!

Bonnie: This is going to be awesome!

The Fat Controller: Oh No! It's Jeffy! Jeffy is a bad boy!

Jeffy: You think Jeffy a bad boy?

The Fat Controller: No No No! Wait! No No Stop! What--

Gary (on the computer): Um.. One water please. Oh!

Food Counter (on the computer): Oh My Goodness!

Jeff: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! It's so funny!

Gary (on the computer): You big goof Gary you did it again!

Anthony: Hey Jeff! what are you watching?

Jeff: I was watching some funny videos. Here's a video for you to watch.

Girl (on the computer): I am going to rhythmic gymnastics! Watch me doing the splits!

Anthony: I'm telling Greg about that!

Jeff: Uh-Oh! Here we go Again!

Anthony: Gregory John Page! Come the Heck Here!

Justin: OOF! Hello there!

Anthony: Who the heck are you?

Justin: I'm Justin from Roblox! I'm coming here for something awesome!

Jeff: Then what is it?

Justin: VHS Land! where kid can have fun!

Jeff: First of all, we're not kids! we're almost elderly! Second for all, what's VHS Land?

Justin: Sorry! I didn't mean you call you kids. And VHS Land is a theme park.

Jeff: Does it have this?

Justin: No!

Anthony: or this?

Justin: No.

Jeff: What about this?

Justin: Not this one.

Anthony: Or this one.

Justin: No.

Jeff: This

Anthony: This

Jeff: This

Anthony: This

Jeff: This

Anthony: This

Jeff: This

Anthony: This


Jeff: You mean this one?

Justin: Yes! That's it! It's the right one! That's a VHS tape!

Anthony: What about a packet of those?

Justin: Not These! One of them sucks and other one is US DVD.

Anthony: Oh! I'm sorry!

Jeff: So what are you giving us?

Justin: Well I'm giving you four free tickets to VHS Land!

Jeff: Oh Thank You. Wait Anthony, Did I see Murray somewhere? OH MY MLG GOD! Why is there a Serena Poster There? Come back Murray James Cook!

Nick Samon: These are all the friends I invited.

PowerJohn25 UTTP: Oh No! It's WigglesWorld 2000 EDCP, MarjkeChan, MrDankEngine, Jimmygak and WigglesComedian.

WigglesWorld 2000 EDCP: PowerJohn25 UTTP, you better behave yourself while we going to VHS Land.

MarjkeChan: We're all keeping a eye on you.

PowerJohn25 UTTP: OK you too, we I blew up the Great Wolf Lodge, Sea World, Warner Bros. Movie World and WigglesDise.

Nick Samon: I think I know happened to WiggleDise. Hey look! It's Rufus Langerick!

Rufus Langerick: Why do have to go to this place? This place sucks anyways. NICK SAMON! Stop dancing like an idiot!

Nick Samon: Sorry Rufus! I was so excited to see you.

Rufus Langerick: Look Nick, I don't want to go to VHS Land. VHS is Old Anyways. VHS Sucks! I hope I could make a rant out of the VHS.

WigglesComedian: I respect your opinion on VHS.

Nick Samon: Look Rufus, Just only one try.

Rufus Langerick: Fine! I'm going to VHS Land!

Nick Samon: Yay Rufus! You going to VHS Land! I'm so Happy! I love you!

Rufus Langerick: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OOOOOOOOOOOOOO! And can you stop dancing again! No More VHS! No More Savage Garden! No More Dabs! And No More Splits!

Nick Samon: I'm sorry Rufus! I hope I didn't do it again! Hey Look! It's the bus!

Neil Buchanan: Alright Guys! Just take a seat!

WigglesWorld 2000 EDCP: So what are doing on the Bus?

Nick Samon: Let's put one song on!

PowerJohn25 UTTP: How about Sorry by Justin Bieber!

WigglesWorld 2000 EDCP: NO! We hate Justin Bieber!

Rufus Langerick: How about Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears.

WigglesComedian: That's sounds a good idea!

Nick Samon: How about Carry on Dancing by Savage Garden

MrDankEngine: That's sounds good!

Jimmygak: Yeah, I'm OK with that.

PowerJohn25 UTTP and Rufus Langerick: Oh No! It's Savage Garden! I hate Savage Garden!

Nick Samon: Come On Rufus and PowerJohn25 UTTP! It's just only a song. Neil, Put on Carry on Dancing by Savage Garden.

Neil Buchanan: Oh My Goodness! I know Savage Garden. Putting on Carry on Dancing by Savage Garden.

Nick Samon (singing): The moonlight...

Shines down interstellar beams

And the groove tonight

Is something more than you've ever seen

The stars and planets taking shape

A stolen kiss has come too late

Carry on, keep romancing,

Carry on, carry on dancing

Carry on, keep romancing,

Carry on, carry on dancing

Ah! The song ended!

Rufus Langerick: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! That's how you get for ending a song! Thank God it's over!

WigglesWorld 2000 EDCP: So what are we doing?

Nick Samon: Maybe we'll look at random photos.

MrDankEngine: Hey I got some photos!

WigglesComedian: Me too!

Jimmygak: Me three!

MarjkeChan: Me four!

WigglesWorld 2000 EDCP: Me five!

Rufus Langerick: Me six!

Nick Samon: I'll show mine first. Here's the first one


Nick Samon: Why is your voice like that Rufus?

Rufus Langerick: Get it off me! My eye! Help! WAAAAAAA!

Nick Samon: OK. Fine! What about this?

Rufus Langerick: What the (quack) is this?

Nick Samon: Uh Uh Uh Nothing... Here!

MrDankEngine: Nick, looks like I'm playing a saxophone.

People: OHHHHHHHHHH! (thomas theme)

Nick Samon: OK MrDankEngine. I think that's it for now.

Jimmygak: Nick, it looks like we are there at VHS Land.

Nick Samon: Really? Oh My God We Are There! Let's go!

Rufus Langerick: God Dang it! We are there at VHS Land. This can't be happening! NOOOOOOOOOO!

Neil Buchanan: We are there at VHS Land.

Nick Samon: Let's go!

Anthony: Can you get the hell of my house!

Justin: Fine! I wished I was your friend!

Greg: Anthony, what is wrong today?

Anthony: A Roblox Noob named Justin, give four free tickets to VHS Land, put a Savage Garden poster on our wall and even calling me a frickin noob. Why is everything ruining me? My brother is not going to be happy about that.

Murray: Anthony, you just need to calm down. He is just making fun of you.

Anthony: Oh No! Jeff is falling asleep! I think I have a idea. Instead of saying Wake Up Jeff, we yell some Pikachu voices. Everyone, are you with me? One, Two, Three! Pikachu!

Greg: Pikachu!

Murray: Pikachu!

Jeff: (wakes up) Oh! Thanks for waking me up everyone! And why you didn't say Wake Up Jeff?

Anthony: You remember that you said you don't want us to say Wake Up Jeff.

Jeff: Oh Yeah. I forgot. Why is there a Savage Garden poster (here)?

Murray: Oh No! Not Savage Garden! Savage Garden is the worst band then Hi-5 I really hate Savage Garden.

Greg: Cmon Murray! It's just a band. We saw them at ARIA Awards of 1998 when we won Best Children's Album for Toot, Toot!.

Murray: And do you know what I said to them? There's some cats on the ark and they make a terrible row they went (blaze the cat sound)

Greg: You didn't say that! You give the bird and they get angry of you. Well everybody, We are going to VHS Land because it is awesome. Everybody pack your bags.

Anthony: I already packed my bag.

Jeff: Me too.

Greg: OK That's good. Now we need to wait for Murray.

Murray: Damn it! I dropped all of bags for you!

Greg: Murray, can I ask you about something? I want to take you as I find you.

Murray: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! I hate Savage Garden! Why did you do that!

Anthony: Chill Murray! It's only a song! Calm your farm down!


Jeff: Stop with the Caillou voice! Crybaby! Or I'll give you this!

Murray: Alright! I stopped crying.

Greg: Wiggles, we better go to the Big Red Car now Let's Go!

Jeff: Before you go, I will show you this!

The Awake Wiggles: WOAH!!!!

Murray: Woo-Hoo!

Jeff: Alright let's go!

Greg: Is everybody ready?

Jeff and Anthony: Yes Greg!

Greg: Then Let's go!

Fake Thomas: Don't let your kids watch it!

Crew: Adem! Get out of the show now!


Nick Samon: Alright guys! We are there at VHS Land. Before we go, any questions?

WigglesComedian: What are we doing at VHS Land?

Nick Samon: We can go on rides, eat breakfast or go in to the arcade. I'll book the tickets now.

VHS Land Counter: Welcome to VHS Land! Can I help you?

Nick Samon: Can I have eight tickets to VHS Land?

VHS Land Counter: Sure. That will be forty dollars.

Nick Samon: Here's the money!

VHS Land Counter: Thanks! Have a nice day!

Nick Samon: Alright, now let's go!

Rufus Langerick: Mmm.. I hope this is bad.

Nick Samon: Alright, Let's go in! Wow! This is awesome!

Brian Foster: Hello! My name is Brian! Welcome to the VHS Land's Fan Club

Nick Samon: Brian it's you! Long time no see!

Brian Foster: Yes Yes Yes. I saw you again. So why are you there?

Nick Samon: Me and my six friends want to go to VHS Land.

Brian Foster: I can book you into a hotel. Come with me! So ten dollars for the room.

Nick Samon: Here's ten dollars for the room.

Brian Foster: Thank you. This is your room.

Nick Samon: Oh that's cool! Why does it said six AM - Wake Up and Freetime?

Brian Foster: Oh that's our schedule. You go to sleep at ten thirty pm.

Nick Samon: But I go to sleep nine forty five pm..

Brian Foster: Well you sleep anytime. But still go to sleep ten thirty pm. If someone makes a noise at ten thirty pm to six am.

Nick Samon: Do they get a fine?

Brian Foster: Yes. But very cheap. Five cents! Like a nickel.

Nick Samon: Oh that's good! Why?

Brian Foster: Because five cents is everywhere! They are on the floor, tables, everywhere and here. Look at the five cents!

Nick Samon: Where is your gang?

Eric: What's going on man?

Sam EDCP: Oh Hello there!

Joe EDCP: Ohh! Nick Samon! Hello!

Ethan EDCP: Cause Im the papa and rule it all! MMMMMMMMMMMM!

Nick Samon: Oh Hello Joe, Sam, Ethan and Eric!

Brian Foster: Well. That's not all... The Dogs!

Nick Samon: Where?

Brian Foster: You'll see.

Bash the Dog: Hello! I'm Bash.

Dash the Dog: I'm Dash.

Rash the Dog: And I'm Rash.

Nick Samon: Hello Bash, Dash and Rash!

Dash the Dog: It's nice to see you!

Nick Samon: Bash, Where is your son?

Bash the Dog: Well my son Cash, is doing driving lessons.

Nick Samon: Oh. OK.

Brian: There's all my Gang! My Gang, you can go now.

Ethan EDCP: I want to stand with you on a mountain. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

Brian Foster: Do you want to see Room Ten?

Nick Samon: Sure thing!

Brian Foster: This is Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones.

Nick Samon: Oh my god is them!

Darren Hayes: Hey. What's your name?

Nick Samon: My name is Nick Samon.

Daniel Jones: Nice to meet you Nick. Are you a Savage Garden Fan?

Nick Samon: Yes I am.

Darren Hayes: Good. There is a live stage of us at eleven am, two pm and five pm.

Nick Samon: That's good!

Greg: Come On Murray! We're waiting for you!

Murray: Sorry Greg, I'm still thinking about Savage Garden. They sucks!

Anthony: Look what you did! You made Jeff fell asleep! I'm gonna wake him up! Pikachu!

Jeff: Thanks for waking me up fat man!

Anthony: Jeff! How dare you called me a Fat Man! Why did you do that? Sleepy head!

Jeff: Because you eat too much Rose Petal Cream Cake and Popcorn! Start eating Fruit Salad!

Anthony: I now hate Fruit Salad dang it! I saw a video of a guy who ate Fruit Salad and then he vomited on his bowl and then I ran out of my room.

Jeff: You what?

Anthony: And that video has twelve thousand eight hundred forty-two views!

Jeff: DAMN! That's sad!

Greg: Wiggles, we better book the tickets now!

Anthony: Can I book the tickets please?

Greg: Sure. Whatever..

VHS Land Counter: Welcome to VHS Land! Can I-- Wait a Sec? Are you Anthony Field from the wiggles?

Anthony: Yes I am.

VHS Land Counter: Oh it's you! My son likes The Wiggles! But where is the new wiggles?

Anthony: Well Lachy is doing his show, Emma is doing ballet class and Simon helping Sam with his show. Play Along with Sam on Nick Jr.

VHS Land Counter: OK So you with your old friends?

Anthony: Yes I am.

VHS Land Counter: OK That will be twenty dollars.

Anthony: I got twenty dollars. Here you go!

VHS Land Counter: Thanks! Have a nice day!

Anthony: Let's go now!

Jeff: I'm still thinking about the Fruit Salad Man..

Greg: Come On Jeff! Don't fall asleep!

Jeff: I'm not trying to fall asleep. I'm thinking about the Fruit Salad Man. I think i'm going to have nightmares.

Greg: Jeff! It's only a video! It's not about you. I'm going to book a room.

VHS Land's Hotel Club Counter: Welcome to VHS Land! May I help you?

Greg: Can I have four people to Room nine?

VHS Land's Hotel Club Counter: Sure! That will be forty dollars.

Greg: Here's forty dollars! My Boy. MY BOY!

VHS Land's Hotel Club Counter: Oh My God! Money Money Money! Thanks for the Money!

Greg: OK that's so weird!

Jeff: Can we go now?

Anthony: Yes we can go now.

Greg: Jeff and Anthony, you go to your hotel room while me and Murray visit Room ten.

Jeff: OK.

Anthony: OK.

Murray: Oh No! It's Savage Garden! My Worst enemies!

Darren Hayes: That's right Murray! You're here because of the Savage Garden Live Stage.

Murray: Alright! I'm Sorry! Remember the time I give a bird in the ARIA Awards of 1998?

Daniel Jones: So how is Jeff and Anthony going?

Greg: They are good. Jeff is feeling sick right now because Anthony tells us a story about the Fruit Salad Man.

Nick Samon: Oh Gang! Come out!

MrDankEngine: Yeah. What is it?

Nick Samon: So what are we doing today since it's seven pm?

WigglesComedian: Maybe there is the fireworks at nine pm.

Nick Samon: WigglesComedian, It's our first day! We better go to the stage at seven thirty pm.

WigglesComedian: OK.

Jimmygak: So what are we doing in thirty minutes?

Nick Samon: You can go on Rides. OK.

Rufus Langerick: What can I do?

Nick Samon: Well Rufus, You can go on rides to.

Rufus Langerick: OK. I will.

Nick Samon: PowerJohn25 UTTP, What are you doing? Are you watching my cringy videos?

PowerJohn25 UTTP: Yes It is so funny! Look at this video!

Nick Samon (real life): Here we go! (OH!)

Nick Samon: Can you dislike for me? I made this video at the beach filming myself underwater. It's cringe!

PowerJohn25 UTTP: Oh! I'm sorry! I will dislike video now.

Anthony: Are you seen my new video? It's called Wiggle Around Australia. Look at the cover!

Greg: That's cool! So what are we doing tomorrow?

Jeff: Maybe we can do music practice with Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones.

Greg: That's sounds a good idea. I can be the backup singer.

Anthony: I can be the guitar star with Daniel Jones. I can be the keytar star. And Murray can be the drums star.

Murray: But I don't know how to play the drums?

Greg: Don't worry Murray, it will be fine. You know how to play drums.

Darren Hayes: So what are we doing tomorrow?

Daniel Jones: I can teach The Wiggles doing music lessons.

Darren Hayes: OK that will be good.

B1: So what are we doing tomorrow?

Morgan: Maybe Me, Amy Lulu will go out swimming at six am.

Amy: That's sounds a good idea. We can do Synchronised swimming.

Lulu: I agree with Amy!

Morgan: Alright! I'm going to sing you a song.

I'll be your dream

I'll be your wish

I'll be your fantasy

Ash: So, what are we doing at VHS Land?

Clemont: Well I will show this JEEPERS video!

Ash: That's not funny! That's Garry Lyon on the Stretcher!

Jim: So Umm.. What we we doing today?

Kate: Umm Maybe we can go like the pool tomorrow.

Jim: Umm.. That's... That's a good idea sir.

Kate: YAY!

Jim: Geez can you please stop saying yay. I'm tried of you saying yay!

Kate: Oh! I'm sorry sir.

Samuel Best: Dude! I hate Nick Samon! He is so disrespectful.

Aussie VHS and DVD: Look Sammy, I respect your opinion on Nick Samon.

Thomas Condon: Me too! I also respect your opinion on Justin Bieber.

Samuel Best: Thank you Aussie VHS and DVD and Thomas Condon. You are my friends! And so of you!

Aaron Fulwood: Thank you!

Dylan Belke: Thank you!

Jordan Tennison Woods: Thank you!

Thomas Condon: Do you think Savage Garden is Samuel?

Samuel Best: No Thomas! They suck! Nick Samon likes it! I Really hate Nick Samon, Ned Ryan, Sara Armor and the rest.

Thomas Condon: Then I respect your opinion.

Percy: Thomas, What are we doing?

Thomas the Tank: Maybe we can go to-

Brian Foster (voice): All members of the hotel club, go to the stage now.

Thomas the Tank: Looks like we better go Percy.

Brian Foster: Welcome to the VHS Land's Hotel Club! I'm Brian Foster! And I am the owner of VHS Land. So before we start this, any questions?

Aaron Fulwood: Are you adopted?

Brian Foster: Yes I am. My parents died seven years ago. And My foster parents adopted me.

Aaron Fulwood: OK. That's sad.

Brian Foster: Thanks Aaron Fulwood. Anyways, Let's chat about VHS.

Rufus Langerick: Oh No! VHS! I hate VHS!

Brian Foster: Rufus Langerick! You should like VHS because it's VHS Land.

Nick Samon: Ah Brian, I forced him to go to VHS Land.

Brian Foster: Ahhh.. I get it. This is a video tape or VHS. It first came out in Japan in late 1976 and around the world in 1977. VHS was discontinued in 2007. This is Cars on VHS. It came out in 2007. And This is the US tape. Not australian tape. Here is a fan-made video tape i made. Cars the Australian VHS tape from 2007. It didn't came out on VHS. Only on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Daniel Jones (voice): One Hour Later...

Brian Foster: And That's all for the chat. Now you can go now.. Free time!

Nick Samon: PowerJohn25 UTTP, come here now!

PowerJohn25 UTTP: Coming! What is it now?

Nick Samon: Are you behaving yourself?

PowerJohn25 UTTP: Yes Yes I am.

Nick Samon: Good. But liking my cringy video! Anyways, we better go to bed now. We have a big day tomorrow. So you need to go to bed.

PowerJohn25 UTTP: OK I will go to bed. Good night Nick Samon!

Nick Samon: Good night PowerJohn25 UTTP!

Nick Samon (real life): Let's just the other way. Let me see I will find this one.

Rufus Langerick (dream): Huh! Where am I? Oh No! It's VHS! I gonna get out of here! There's more! Help! What the heck? How far can I jump? OK. Here we go! YAAAAAAA!!!! OW! That hurt! But I'm ok.

Tom: Do you like VHS?

Rufus Langerick (dream): No! Who said that?

Tom: I'm Tom. And I like VHS.

Rufus Langerick (dream): Tom! It's you! I've never you since 2010! And why do you like VHS?

Tom: Because of Kame-Hame HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Rufus Langerick: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Wow! What a bad dream!

Brian Foster: five cents for the noise.

Rufus Langerick: Really? I have to pay a fine? Dang it! Here is five cents.

Brian Foster: Thank you! And make sure to have a nice sleep.

Rufus Langerick: I will.

MarjkeChan: Wake Up Morgan!

Morgan: Huh! What! Clue?

B1: Morgan, why are you sleeping in our laps?

B2: Yeah! Why?

Morgan: Because there is no room. I'm very comfortable.

B1: But where not comfortable!

MarjkeChan: Come on! We're doing Synchronised swimming.

B2: Are you thinking what I'm thinking B1?

B1: I think I am B2?

B1 and B2: It's Synchronised swimming time!

Nick Samon: Well Well Well. It's Marjke! Hello!

MarjkeChan: Hello! (blaze the cat sound).

Nick Samon: So is everybody ready?

MarjkeChan: OK! I'm ready!

Nick Samon: Then let's rock and roll baby!

Brian Foster: Yeah let's do it!

(They sing Savage Garden - Truly Madly Deeply. However in the 2018 Version, it plays You're Nice from Spongebob)

Darren Hayes (singing): Ohhh!

I'll be your dream

I'll be your wish

I'll be your fantasy

I'll be your hope

I'll be your love

Be everything that you need

I'll love you more with every breath

Truly, madly, deeply do

I will be strong

I will be faithful

'Cause I'm counting on

A new beginning

A reason for living

A deeper meaning, yeah

I wanna stand with you on a mountain

I wanna bathe with you in the sea

I wanna lay like this forever

Until the sky falls down on me

And when the stars are shining brightly in the velvet sky,

Nick Samon: I want to show you something?

Brian Foster: Oh What is it?

Nick Samon: This!

Darren Hayes (singing): I'll make a wish, send it to heaven then make you want to cry

Brian Foster: I got one too! This thing!

Nick Samon: I seen that already. Let's keep dancing!

Darren Hayes (singing): The tears of joy for all the pleasure and the certainty

That we're surrounded by the comfort and protection of the highest powers

In lonely hours

The tears devour you

I wanna stand with you on a mountain

I wanna bathe with you in the sea

I wanna lay like this forever

Until the sky falls down on me

Oh, can you see it, baby?

You don't have to close your eyes

'Cause it's standing right before you

All that you need will surely come

I'll be your dream

I'll be your wish

I'll be your fantasy

I'll be your hope

I'll be your love

Be everything that you need

I'll love you more with every breath

Truly, madly, deeply do

I wanna stand with you on a mountain

I wanna bathe with you in the sea

I wanna lay like this forever

Until the sky falls down on me

I wanna stand with you on a mountain

I wanna bathe with you in the sea

I wanna lay like this forever

Until the sky falls down on me.

Nick Samon: This is Home and Awayish!

Brian Foster: I can hold this photo forever!

Nick Samon: Why are you holding this photo forever?

Brian Foster: Because of Synchronised swimming!

Nick Samon: That's awesome! Yay! Let's go in!

WigglesWorld 2000 EDCP: So, How was Synchronised swimming?

MarjkeChan: It's good.

Nick Samon: I am really hungry.

Steve from Minecraft: Welcome to VHS Land's Hotel Club Restaurant! Can I help you?

Nick Samon: Can I have sausage rolls with vegemite please.

PowerJohn25 UTTP: Sausage rolls with Vegemite? Yuck! How about Nutella!

Nick Samon: Look PowerJohn25 UTTP, I can have Sausage rolls with Vegemite. I'm allergic to Nutella!

Mario: Look Sonic! I won the racing game!

Sonic: No! I won the closest finish in the world!

Chef Pee Pee: Would you stop Mario and Sonic!

Spongebob: Yeah, This gonna stop now.

Mario: We're sorry Spongebob.

Sonic: Yeah. Because Mario cheated.

Mario: I did not!

Sonic: Yes you did! I won the race!

Chef Pee Pee: Can you shut up already? I'm going to pay.

VHS Land Counter: Welcome to VHS Land! Can I help you?

Chef Pee Pee: Can I have four tickets please?

VHS Land Counter: Sure. That will be twenty dollars.

Chef Pee Pee: Here's twenty dollars. I know I'm Italian.

VHS Land Counter: Thanks! Have a nice day!

Nick Samon: That would be the phone! Hello?

Matthew McDonald: Hello Nick Samon!

Nick Samon (on phone): Matthew? Is that you?

Matthew McDonald: Yes it's me! I'm with my friends. Christian, Flutter and that Dabbing Dude.

Flutter: Can you stop right?


Nick Samon: I think I better go now.


Nick Samon: Oh Boy! Thomas is so loud.

WiggleWorld 2000 EDCP: What was that?

Nick Samon: There's nothing to hear about it.

WiggleWorld 2000 EDCP: Oh OK that guy was so loud.

PowerJohn25 UTTP: Nick Samon, Can I go on rides?

Nick Samon: Sure.

Ethan EDCP: Hmm.. I like to go on this rollercoaster.

Joe EDCP: Dude! I don't like rollercoaster. It's scary!

Ethan EDCP: But I like this one. Let's go!

PowerJohn25 UTTP: Hmm.. Ethan and Joe is going on the looping coaster.. Well guess what? I'm going to derail that looping coaster! Ha Ha!

Nick Samon: I was thinking about something.. Oh wait!

Nick Samon (real life): What's up? That is-- What is this over there? That's kinda good. Ahh! I'm feel like I'm dreaming something. That's-

Nick Samon: I'm going to Brian's Room.

Bonnie (on TV): Well Dedenne, What a dive! (laughs)

Darren Hayes (on TV): Be your hope

I'll be your love

Be everything that you

Brian Foster: Man I like that song!

Nick Samon: Hey Brian! What is going on?

Brian Foster: Nothing. I'm watching my own VHS.

Nick Samon: Oh That's good!

Brian Foster: Would you like to watch with me?

Nick Samon: Yes I will. So is that you in this VHS recording?

Brian Foster: Yes. And that recording was in 2002. When I was three years old.

PowerJohn25 UTTP: Now I've derailed that looping coaster over there. Just wait until Joe and Ethan go into the final loop and will go into the sky! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!


Ethan EDCP: That was Totally Wicked!

Joe EDCP: Oh my God Ethan! How dare you?

Neil Buchanan: So why Steve didn't come?

Joe from Blue's Clues: He's depressed right now because his second dog died.

Neil Buchanan: Oh. That's sad. I've never seen Blue's Clues in a long time.

Pingu: Noot Noot! I found Ping Pong Volume One on VHS from 1999!

Russel from Happy Tree Friends: That's good. We should go rides now.

Greg (singing): I would fly you to the moon and back

If you'll be, if you'll be my baby

got a ticket for-

Darren Hayes: Alright! Cut!

Greg: So. How did I go?

Daniel Jones: Well. You did well..

Jeff: Is there any Wiggles song to sing?

Darren Hayes: No you have Savage Garden songs.

Murray: When will it stop?

Darren Hayes: In ten minutes. You got alot to do.

Murray: OK That's not that hard.

Jeff: Do you know the meme My Name is Jeff?

Daniel Jones: Yes.

Jeff: My name is Jeff.

Anthony: I think this band gig is going to be awesome!

Joe EDCP: PowerJohn25 UTTP, Did you do this?

PowerJohn25 UTTP: Yes I did. I'm very sorry.

Joe EDCP: Then follow me. Brian, we got some bad news.

Brian Foster: What is it Joe?

Joe EDCP: PowerJohn25 UTTP derailed the Looping coaster.

Nick Samon: You did what?

Brian Foster: Derailing that Looping coaster?

Ethan EDCP: And you wish you never did!

PowerJohn25 UTTP: Look. I'm sorry guys.

Brian Foster: I think we better go to the stage. Time for a chat. Welcome to the VHS Land Hotel Club Chat! How are you today?

People: AHHH!!! Good. Ok. WOW! Here we Go Now! I'm ok. Very well. We need to build a wall. HI I'M DAISY! Boogity Boogity Boogity! Let's go racing boys and girls! NOOOOO!!!! (Inaudible) (laugh) NIEN NIEN NIEN NIEN NIEN NIEN! (Goat screams) OK! I'm Ready! (Cartman Crying) NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (more crying)